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Why Bombs Away?

Genuine assessment of UXO risk on construction sites

Unexploded ordnance UXO UXB bomb risk assessment Dynasafe BACTEC MACC 1st Line Defence CIRIA C681

Bombs Away is unlike any other specialist unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk assessment company in the UK - 

we do not offer any site based risk mitigation services and always strive to achieve low risk status.  

We will independently assess the probability of encountering UXO on sites in the UK and the consequences of finding it. 

Unlike too many UXO clearance companies, we will never recommend unnecessary mitigation and sell you expensive, time consuming and unnecessary services.

Cheap risk assessments are subsidised by expensive risk mitigation measures.

We will minimise your costs. 

Our research

Unexploded ordnance UXO UXB bomb risk assessment Dynasafe BACTEC MACC 1st Line Defence CIRIA C681

Our ground breaking research which is peer reviewed and has been published by the Institute of Civil Engineers, has exploded the "high risk" myth that many UXO clearance companies perpetuate.  

Our reports are compliant with 

CIRIA C681 - unexploded ordnance: a guide for the construction industry

the industry standard for UXO risk assessments.  We will assess the risk of discovering ordnance on your site by by interrogating numerous data sets, which can include:

  • bomb census records
  • bomb damage maps
  • military training area maps
  • former defensive positions
  • former munition factories
  • former military airfields
  • bombing decoys 
  • aircraft crash sites
  • abandoned bomb records
  • UXO discovery records
  • target/reconnaissance maps
  • topographical changes
  • historical mapping.

Our clients

Unexploded ordnance UXO UXB bomb risk assessment Dynasafe BACTEC MACC 1st Line Defence CIRIA C681

  • land owners & developers
  • land buyers
  • client project managers
  • principal designers
  • architects
  • CDM coordinators
  • employer's agents
  • main/principal contractors
  • enabling works contractors
  • piling contractors
  • groundwork/concrete contractors
  • archaeologists
  • site investigation engineers
  • utility companies
  • estate managers.

Our team


Our team of experts have a background in construction management, planning, historical research and the British Armed Forces.  

This unrivalled blend of talent means that we can offer a unique, balanced and unbiased service to the construction industry.

Our experience in the industry and ground breaking research techniques, means that we will give you an objective assessment of the risks that may exist.

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